Linux Server Security

Security Installations

  • Complete server auditing
  • Firewall installation and configuration
  • Service analysis and security configuration
  • MySQL analysis and security check
  • Audit and disable unwanted services
  • Analyzing and securing PHP on the server
  • Tweaking Apache server and securing
  • Mail server security
  • Malware detector installation and configuration
  • ModSecurity Audit and Checking/updating the rules
  • Removing unwanted softwares
  • Installing LSM, RPM, and other optional applications

Server Security & Hardening

  • Securiing SSHD on the server
  • Performing service upgrades and patching
  • Configuing safe password policy and implementing it
  • Securing the kernel and patching it
  • Hardening host based file on the server
  • Service level access security using TCP Wrappers
  • NSSWITCH hardening for information lookup
  • Firewall configuration and management
  • Enable DDoS protection
  • Server access notifications through Email
  • Securiing temp directory for proper and safe execution of temporary sessions of the application
  • OS and Control panel updates and patching

Service Optimization

  • Apache Optimization and performance analysis
  • Application optimization like PHP
  • Mail Services Optimization
  • MySQL Optimization ( INNODB and MYISAM Settings )
  • File Server optimization for better and secure FTP access
  • Supported OS – CentOS, RedHat, CloudLinux, Ubuntu, Debian
  • Suppor control panels like Plesk, DirectAdmin, cPanel, and/or server having no control panel
  • Three-day extended support included for security-related queries and issues